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historian of Portuguese art; curator of the Museu do Arte antiga; rediscovered and restored the paintings of Nuno Gonçalves; studied at l'école du Louvre; friends with Rodin; president of the Academia de Belas Artes

historian of Portuguese art; studied at L'école des Hautes études

history of art and architecture (Bazin calls his writings those of an amateur); published collection of detailed Portuguese architectural drawings

Scholar of Spanish, Portuguese and Italian Renaissance painting; employed a biographical approach to art history. Justi was the son of a pastor. From 1850 he studied theology in Marburg before switching to philosophy in Berlin. His interest was always in philology and esthetics, particularly classical esthetics. After graduation in 1859, Justi's initial appointment was in Philosophy at the university in Marburg. While teaching at Marburg, he read the works of Johann Joachim Winckelmann and his enthusiasm for art history was confirmed.

historian of Portuguese art

early historian of Portuguese art; diplomat in Lisbon (1842-1845); commissioned by the Academy of Arts and Sciences in Berlin to make a detailed survey of Portuguese. Born in Posen, Prussia, which is present-day, Poznań, Poland. 

Historian of Portuguese art and medical doctor; successor to José de Figueiredo at the Academia de Belas Artes, Lisbon. Santos' parents were Clemente José dos Santos, a physician, and Maria Amelia dos Santos Pinheiro. His grandfather was Clement José dos Santos, Baron Santos Clemente. After secondary school, Santos entered the Medical-Surgical School of Lisbon in 1898, graduating in 1903.

Scholar of Mediterranean gothic art and architecture. Schwarz was the son of Mathias Schwarz, a teacher in the Volksschule in Borghees, and Wilhelmine Kaiser (Schwarz), both devout Roman Catholics. He graduated from the gymnasium in Emmerich in 1931 with degrees in Germanistik and history.

Historian of the Brazilian and Portugese Baroque; professor at School of Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania, 1956-1975. Smith's Harvard dissertation, granted in 1936, was likely supervised by the Renaissance art historian and Dean of the architecture school, George Harold Edgell. Smith also taught at the University of Illinois and at Sweet Briar College. He was a consultant and lecturer at Colonial Williamsburg. His The Art of Portugal, 1968, won the Athenaeum Literary Award. He studied Portuguese and Brazilian art and architecture as a college student.

Zurbaran scholar and co-author of the Pelican History of Art volume, Baroque Art and Architecture in Spain and Portugal and Their American Dominions, 1500-1800. Soria was the son of Carlos Schapira, Ph.D., (1879-1957), an engineer (and later Technical Director) at Telefunken, Berlin, and Pola (Heilpern) Schapira (1887-1964). The couple changed their name to "Soria" to avoid the anti-semitism in Germany at the time. The younger Soria attended Zuoz College, Zuoz Switzerland.

Historian of Portuguese art; Renaissance; Portuguese silverwork and ceramics.

Doctor; poet; archaologist; historian of Portuguese art; archival reasearch; standard source for Portuguese art history.