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Archaeologist, Director of the DAI 1928-1938; built reputation on researching the development of sculpture portraiture and painting of the classical era. Born to a wealthy physician's family, Curtius studied in Munich under Enrico Brunn and Adolf Furtwängler, under whom he wrote his dissertation in 1902 (published 1903). His topic was the herm format in sculpture. He taught as a private lecturer beginning in 1905 at Erlangen University.

Romanist art historian, noted authority on portraiture. She was born in Bielitz, Silesia, Austria which is present-day Bielsko-Biala, Poland. Von Heintze was born Helga Hoinkes, the daughter of Carl Hoinkes (1882-1960), a cloth manufacturer and writer. She studied in Vienna beginning in 1940. She married the book publisher Wolf Freiherr von Heintze during World War II in 1944, becoming Freifrau (Baroness) von Heintze. As the War began to turn in favor of the Allies, she fled with her mother and young son to the west in 1945.

Genre and portrait painter; author of first book on John Constable and one on Joshua Reynolds. Leslie's father was Robert Charles Leslie (d. 1804), a Philadelphia clockmaker who had moved to Longon, and his mother, Lydia Baker (Leslie) (1766/7-1824). The family returned to Philadelphia in 1799 where the younger Leslie was trained in art in New Jersey. He continued study at the University of Pennsylvania, still only age ten. After his father's death, Leslie was apprenticed in 1808 to the Philadelphia publishing firm of Bradford and Inskeep. Samuel T.

Historian of caricature and American artists; wrote an early survey of the graphic caricature art. Fisher was the son of William S. Fisher and Eva Murrell. In 1905, at age 15, Fisher emigrated with his younger brother to New York from Liverpool, his parents having gone before him. Even at this age, Fisher exhibited from some level of paralysis on his body and was throughout his life considered an invalid. The painter Alexander Brooke later described him as spastic.

Scholar of John Constable and portrait miniatures. Reynolds was educated at Highgate School and Queens' College, Cambridge. He joined the staff of the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1937. During World War II he served in Ministry of Home Security (1939-1945) and there met the painter and engraver Daphne Dent (1918-2002), whom he married in 1943. Reynolds joined the Victoria and Albert Museum after the war, issuing a catalog on Nicholas Hilliard and Isaac Oliver in 1947. His knowledge of British period dress resulted in a volume for the Costume of the Western World series in 1951.

Vanuxem was the first to investigate the history of the often-repeated theory that the kinds and queens on early gothic portals represent the rulers of France. His essay, Theories of Mabillon and Montfaucon, 1957, was a milestone in the study of the meaning of the statue-column (Branner).

Museum director; key figure in the decriminalization of homosexuality in England in 1960’s. Winter was the son of Carl Winter and his wife Ethel Hardy (Winter). He attended Xavier College (Victoria, Australia, a prep school) before entering Newman College, University of Melbourne.