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Architect who worked on the Pergamon excavation (1879-1881), and determined the original architectural form of the Pergamon altar.

Director of antique sculpture at Berlin Museum 1877-1887; brought Pergamon altar to Berlin. Conze was the son of a cavalry officer. He initially studied law at the university in Göttingen before changing to classics. His dissertation was written under Eduard Gerhard in Berlin in 1855. Conze made trips to Paris and London and was particularly inspired by the Elgin Marbles. He was appointed Professor (Extraordinarius) at University of Halle in 1863, moving to the University of Vienna in 1869 (through 1877).

Specialist in ancient Greek and Roman art, particularly provincial Roman artifacts and relief sculptures of Pergamon. He was born in Windisch-Landsberg, Steiermark, Slovenia, or present day Podcetrek, Slovenia. Lecturer (1921-1927) and a.o. Professor (1927-1935) at the University of Vienna, Professor at the University of Graz (1935-1945).

Specialist in ancient Greek art and sculpture, and active archaeologist in Asia Minor, particularly at the Pergamon site. Wiegand excavated sites in Asia Minor with Hubert Knackfuss. Director of the antiquity section of the Prussian Museum in Berlin, 1911-1931. His students include Gerda Bruns.