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Architectural historian; German Neo-Classicism. Giedion was born to Johann and Bertha Jacobs Giedion. He received his Ph.D. in art history under Heinrich Wölfflin in Munich. Giedion was appointed professor at the university in Zürich. He left Switzerland shortly before World War II to be the Charles Eliot Norton professor of poetry in 1938 at Harvard University. His Norton lectures for 1938-1939 became his most famous book, Space, Time and Architecture: the Growth of a New Tradition.

Second generation Vienna School; historian of neo-classical architecture

Literati; advocate of neoclassicism. In 1867 Tuckerman published his American Artist Life, an account of American art, sometimes scholarly although filled the typical Victorian sentiment (Rowland). Tuckerman was not particularly discriminating. He praised all good artists and honored the rest mostly for being American. In contrast to the work of James Jackson Jarves, his works lacks the acumen and perhaps the intellectual honesty of later writers.