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Modernist art historian, pioneer African arts scholar and director, Museum of Primitive Art, 1957-63. Goldwater was the son of Sigismund S. Goldwater (1873-1942), an M.D. and visionary commissioner of Hospitals in New York under Mayor La Guardia. Goldwater attended Columbia University, receiving his B. A. in 1929. He moved to Harvard for his graduate work, receiving his M.A. in 1931. Goldwater was one of the early art history students to study modern art at Harvard, at the time an area not considered worthy of graduate research. He joined the teaching staff of New York University in 1934.

Architectural historian and architect. Born to father also named Christian Norberg-Schulz and mother, Laura Lunde [Norberg-Schulz]. After World War II he studied architecture in Switzerland at the Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule, Z├╝rich, graduating in 1949. He spent the years 1950-1951 in the Norwegian army. He joined the faculty of the school of Architecture in Oslo in 1951, where he was appointed assistant professor, becoming an expondnet of modern, "international style" architecture.