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Architectural historian, architect and archaeologist; specialist in ancient excavations, and medieval German architecture. Adler attended the Berlin Kunstakademie beginning in 1841. In 1846 he continued at the University of Berlin (Bauakademie). From 1854 he taught there under Ferdinand von Arnim (1814-1856) and from 1859 as a Dozent for the history of architecture. He was made professor at the Akademie in 1861 succeeding in the position previously held by Wilhelm Lübke.

Expert in the German Art of the Middles Ages. Baum studied art history at the universities of Munich, Berlin and Tübingen, where he worked under Karl Voll and Heinrich Wölfflin. He completed his dissertation in Tübingen in 1905 on the churches of the architect Heinrich Schickhardt (1558-1634) under Konrad von Lange. Baum wrote his habilitation under Heinrich Weizsäcker in Technische Hochschule in Stuttgart.

Collector and romantic-era historian of German medieval art.

Historian and portraiture scholar of the German medieval era. Schramm stemmed from a wealthy merchantile family. His father, Max Schramm (1861-1928), was mayor of Hamburg between 1925 and 1928 and friends with the famous independent art historian Aby M. Warburg. The younger Schramm studied at Warburg's fledgling institute and from which he gained his bold ideas about the power of symbolism for the medieval world. He volunteered as a soldier in the German army during the first world war.

Director of the Karlsruher Kunsthalle (Art Gallery). When hospitalized in 1925, his assistant Hans Curjel temporarily replaced him.