Studniczka, Franz

Full Name
Studniczka, Franz
Other Names
Franz Studniczka
Date Born
14 August 1860
Date Died
04 December 1929
Place Born
Home Country

Specialist in classical Roman and Greek art; Professor of Archaeology at the University of Leipzig 1896-1929. He was born in Jaslo, Galicia, which is present day Poland. Studniczka attended the University in Vienna studying classical archaeology under Otto Benndorf. He wrote his habiliation in 1887 also at Vienna and was appointed professor at the University of Freiburg, 1889. In 1896 he moved to University of Leipzig as professor of classical archaeology, succeeding Johannes Overbeck. As an educator he expanded the collection of casts of antique sculptures at the Leipizig Classical Museum, which became one of the largest collections of casts in Germany. In the 1920s he taught sculpture cleaning and photographing techniques to the Smith College professor Clarence Kennedy who was to become one of the important art photographers of the age. Studniczka's scholarship resulted in a greatly-admired restoration of the fragment sculpture of the Artemis-Iphigenia Group (Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek). He was succeeded in 1932 by Bernhard Schweitzer.

Selected Bibliography

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