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Spanish Art Historian, writer, art critic, and member of the Royal Board of Trustees of the Prado Museum. Maria Luisa Caturla was born in Barcelona, Spain, but lived most of her life in Madrid. Although she never attended a university, she early on developed an interest in art, especially ceramics and fabrics. She began to study art history using the books of Heinrich Wölfflin during her first trip to Italy which became a formative experience for her eventual field of work.

Mexican art critic, art historian, docent, and curator.  Terresa del Conde studied psychology, and art history in the School of Philosophy and Letters (UNAM). There, she received her bachelor’s degree in psychology, her master’s degree in art history, and her doctorate in history. Her research in psychology, specifically in psychoanalysis, would later influence her work in art history.


Architectural- and art historian. Gómez-Moreno was the daughter of the famous art historian Manuel Gómez-Moreno Martínez Manuel Gómez-Moreno Martínez and followed in his footsteps. She went to la Universidad Central and studied philosophy and literature. She was then licensed in “Ciencias Historicas" and became an assistant professor at the Instituto Escuela de Madrid in 1924. She traveled to Tunisia, Malta, Egypt, Crete, Cypress, Palestine, Turkey, Greece, Italy and Sicily in 1933.

Spanish Art Historian. She received undergraduate degrees in philosophy and English at the University of Seville. Heredia Moreno wrote her doctorate thesis La orfebrería en la Provincia de Huelvaat the University of Seville as well in 1976 receiving her doctorate in Art History. During this time, she began teaching at the university as an assistant professor at the Chair of History of Hispanic-American Art. Between the years of 1976 and 1983, she was an interim adjunct professor in the Art department of the University of Navarra.

Lehman was born in 1905 in Charlottenburg, Germany. His parents were Frida Model and manufacturer Georg Lehmann. He began his studies at Freiburg University and later completed his doctorate of philosophy at the University of Frankfurt. He worked under Rudolf Kautzsch and completed his dissertation Lombardische Plastik im letzten Drittel des XV. Jahrhunderts in 1928.

Useful arts and modernist art historian. Elisabeth Moses was born in 1893 in Cologne, Germany.  Her father, Dr. Salli Moses was an otolaryngologist in private hospital practice in Cologne. Her mother,  Luise “Lucie"  Rothschild (Moses), worked on board of the Cologne Association of Jewish nurses. Elizabeth Moses began her studies at the unique  Humanistisches Mädchengymnasium am Marienplatz (humanistic girls' high school) in Cologne, a manifestation of the women’s movement there. A classmate was the later art historian Luise Straus.

Professor of French and Comparative Literature in University of California Riverside; author of the important Painters and Politics: the European Avant-Garde and Society. Shapiro was born in Gloversville, New York. She received her Bachelor's degree from Columbia University. She demonstrated an early interest in art history by writing her M.A. thesis on French painters and politics. She continued the topic in her dissertation. While working on her Ph.D.