Séroux d'Agincourt, Jean-Baptiste

Full Name: 
Séroux d'Agincourt, Jean-Baptiste
Other Names: 
Jean-Baptiste-Louis-Georges Séroux d'Agincourt
Date Born: 
Date Died: 
Place Born: 
Place Died: 
Rome, Italy
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Collector and historian of ancient and medieval art. Séroux befriended artists and collectors who frequented the salon of Marie-Therese Geoffrin, including Denis Diederot, Jean-Honore Fragonard, and Francois Boucher. He was influenced by the school of Anne Claude Philippe Caylus and Pierre-Jean Mariette (1694-1774). Between 1779 to 1789, Séroux attempted to complete an encyclopedic book recording the history of art from antiquity to the Italian Renaissance, but publication was delayed by the French Revolution. The book was completed and published posthumously in 1823 by T.-B. Éméric-David. The work remained influential well into the 19th century. Melchior Boisserée used Séroux's work as an example for his own work.

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