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Historian of the Italian Renaissance; headed restoration in Italy after Arno River flood, 1966. He was born in Pitigliano, Italy, near Grosseto. Baldini studied art history under Mario Salmi at the University of Florence. In the 1940's began working as a conservator in Florence. After the war, he was appointed a temporary worker in the restoration office in 1949, housed at the time in the loggia of the Uffizi.

Historian of 17th- and 18th-century Italian art; Soprintendente ai Beni Artistici of Campania, 1965-1984. Causa attended the University of Naples completing his studies with a thesis on the 17th-century Neapolitan painter Micco Spadaro (1609-1675). In 1946 Causa was appointed Ispettore of the Soprintendenza (Naples), where he remained until 1965. During his tenure, he supervised restorations, organized exhibitions and produced art-historical studies of considerable interest.

Documentary architectural historian, architect, and urban planner. After graduating in civil engineering from the University of Rome in 1895, Giovannoni took a degree in public health before studying art and architectural history in Rome under Adolfo Venturi. In 1899 he was appointed assistant under Guglielmo Calderini (1837-1916) in the Engineering School and in 1905 professor of general architecture. A strong technical as well as art-historical interest took him into the conservation field and projects for urban redevelopment.

Wrote the Great Centuries of Painting (Skira) volume on Gothic art with Jacques Dupont, (1954). Giotto scholar. In Bologna, Gnudi sponsored many exhibitions with Denis Mahon, bringing Italian Baroque artists to a higher profile. Historian of Italian art, particularly Bolognese art, curator and medieval and modern art professor at University of Bologna. Gnudi attended the University of Bologna completing his studies with a thesis on the XVth century Italian sculptor Niccolò dell'Arca (Bari 1435 - Bologna, 1494).