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Scottish author and art theorist and connoisseur.  Anstruther-Thomson was born into an aristocratic family; her father was John Anstruther-Thomson of Charleton and Carntyne (1818-1904), and mother Caroline Maria Agnes Robina Hamilton-Gray (Anstruher-Thomson) (1833-?). Independently wealthy, she pursued a career first as an artist studying at the Slade School of Art and that in Paris under Carolus Duran until 1889.

Géricault scholar, wrote major attribution catalog on Géricault. Lorenz Eitner described as "one of the very best art-historical monographs produced in the nineteenth-century." His granddaughter was the art historian Françoise Henry.

Architectural historian, architect and museum director at Oberlin College. Ward was the son of the infamous investment swindler Ferdinand Ward (1851-1925) and Ella Champion Green (Ward) (1852-1890). His father was sentenced to Sing Sing prison in 1885 when Ward was one. The two were estranged;  after his mother’s death when Ward was six, Ward inherited the estate. His father attempted to gain control of the Ward’s trust after his release in 1895, kidnapped the boy at one point and later sued him as an adult, all to no avail.