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Punin, Nikolay

    Full Name: Punin, Nikolay

    Gender: male

    Date Born: 1888

    Date Died: 1953

    Place Born: Helsinki, Newland Regin, Finland

    Place Died: Abez Camp, near Vorkuta, Komi Republic, Russia

    Home Country/ies: Russia

    Subject Area(s): art theory and Russian (culture or style)

    Career(s): art critics


    Critic, theorist, museum official, and historian of Russian art. Punin studied history at St. Petersburg University. He worked in the Department of Old Russian Painting at the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, where he edited the arts articles in several publications, including Severnyye zapiski, and Russkaia ikuna. Punin was one of the first scholars to publish theories on Old Russian painting, serving as the director of the Fine Arts Department of an organization called Narkompros, from 1928-1921. He was appointed commissar at the Hermitage, Svomas, and Russian Museums. Between 1936 and 1921, Punin lectured on the contemporary Western European art at the Institute of Art History. He published articles and monographs on both contemporary and 19th century Russian artists, including Vladamir Tatlin, Pavel Kuznetsov, and Pavel Fedotov. Punin’s research combined historical and stylistic analysis. He was appointed professor of art history at the All-Russian art academy in 1932, and was a professor at Leningrad University from 1944-49, when he died in a concentration camp near the Arctic Circle.


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