Pommer, Richard

Full Name
Pommer, Richard
Other Names
Richard Behr Pommer
Date Born
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Architectural historian. Pommer graduated from Columbia University with a B.S. in 1953 and from New York University with an M.A. in 1957. He was awarded a: Fulbright grant for the 1958-59 year. He completed his Ph.D., in architectural history, also at NYU, in 1961. He joined Vassar College as professor of the history of architecture in 1966. The following year he received the Alice Davis Hitchcock Award, Society of Architectural Historians. Pommer married the art historian Linda Nochlin in 1968. He was a Kress fellow at the Villa I Tatti, Florence, for 1968-69. He was acting as chair of Department of Art at Vassar between 1974-78. He was director of the Society of Architectural Historians between 1982-84. Pommer became director of Urban Studies Program for the 1986-87 year at New York University, Institute of Fine Arts, and left Vassar in 1988 to be Sheldon H. Solow Professor of the History of Architecture.

Selected Bibliography
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