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Piotrovsky, Boris

    Full Name: Piotrovsky, Boris

    Gender: male

    Date Born: 1908

    Date Died: 1990

    Place Born: St. Petersburg, Russia

    Place Died: St. Petersburg, Russia

    Home Country/ies: Russia

    Subject Area(s): archaeology, Caucasian (culture or style), Near Eastern (Early Western World), Persian (culture), and Scythian


    Archaeologist and historian of Russian and Near Eastern (Egypt, Assyria) art. Piotrovsky graduated from Leningrad University with a degree from the historical philology department. After receiving his degree, he joined the staff of the History of Material Culture, and went on to become a curator at the State Hermitage Museum in 1931, where he would publish his research on the history of the Hermitage’s collections. As an archaeologist, Piotrovsky led expeditions to Nubia and the Kamir blur. His research on the art and cultures of the Scythians, and the ancient Caucasian states, gained Piotrovsky entry into the USSR Academy of Sciences, the British Academy, the Warsaw Academy, the French Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres, and the American Archaeological Institute. He died in Leningrad, USSR, present day St. Petersburg, Russia.


    The Dictionary of Art

    Contributors: LaNitra Michele Walker


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