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Noack, Werner

    Full Name: Noack, Werner

    Gender: male

    Date Born: 1888

    Date Died: unknown

    Place Born: Geißen, Thuringia, Germany

    Home Country/ies: Germany


    Noack was raised in Geißen where he attended the local Gymnasium as a boy. He studied history and art history at various universities in Germany including Geißen, Munich, Berlin and Halle. His interest in sculpture, building and urban design led him to study under Adolph Goldschmidt at Halle, completing his dissertation in 1912. That year Goldschmidt left for Berlin and Noack followed him to assist teaching in the Art History Institute which Goldschmidt was expanding. Noack moved to Erfurt, Germany to become the assistant to Walter Kaesbach at the Städische (city) Museum there. Noack not only was engaged in evaluating (expertizing) old master work and city monuments, but contemporary art as well. He began the modern collection at Erfurt as well. Late in 1922, Noack left for Freiburg to become Conservator and eventually director of the Städische Sammlungen. He improved Augustiner Museum by expanding its space and developing a personal interest in museum studies. In 1929 he helped found the Deutscher Museumsbund (German Museum Federation). In 1942 he was named honorary professor at the University of Freiburg. Noack’s interest was in the medieval monuments (sculpture and buildings) of the upper Rhein region of Germany.

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