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Malsz, G.

    Full Name: Malsz, G.

    Gender: unknown

    Date Born: unknown

    Date Died: unknown

    Home Country/ies: Germany


    In 1871, Malsz was among the team of art historians (the others including Moritz Thausing, Carl von Lützlow, Adolf von Bayersdorfer, Friedrich Lippmann, Wilhelm Lübke, Bruno Meyer, Karl Woermann, Alfred Woltmann and Wilhelm Bode) who convened in Dresden to determine which of two versions of Hans Holbein the younger’s Meyer Madonna was the autograph work. The so-called “Holbein convention,” one of the important events in nineteenth-century art history when many methodical approaches were employed to determined authenticity, concluded that the Darmstadt version was the original.


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