Malkiel-Jirmounsky, Myron

Full Name
Malkiel-Jirmounsky, Myron
Other Names
Myron Malkiel-Jirmounsky
Date Born
Home Country

Historian Renaissance painting and modern architecture. Malkiel-Jirmounsky taught at St. Petersburg and later Sorbonne. Beginning in 1941 he was a lecturer at the National Museum, Lisbon. The art historian Bernard Berenson read Malkiel-Jirmounsky's Problèmes des primitifs portugais (1941) while Berenson was in forced confinement in his home in Italy in 1942. Berenson commented, "the illustrations suggest all sorts of problems which the writer does not treat at all. On the other hand, he makes elaborate diagrams of diagonals he descries in the pictures, and speaks a good deal of 'Geistesgeschichte'; he quotes Plotiinus, etc., etc."

Selected Bibliography
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