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Magliabechiano, Anonimo

    Full Name: Magliabechiano, Anonimo

    Other Names:

    • Anonymo

    Gender: unknown

    Date Born: fl. 1537-1542

    Date Died: unknown

    Home Country/ies: Italy

    Institution(s): Medici Court


    Anonymous author of a now fragmental history, likely written after 1541. The extent portion includes biographies of Florentine artists between the late 13th century and the 16th. The manuscript was discovered in 1755 in the Magliabechiano manuscript collection but only brought to the attention of scholars in 1892 by Karl Frey. Most recently the scholar Bouk Wierda has argued that the identity of the Florentine humanist and art connoisseur Anonimo is Bernardo Vecchietti (1514-1590).

    Selected Bibliography

    (Florence) Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, MS Magliabechiano XVII, 17 (ca. 1542-8)


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    Contributors: Lee Sorensen


    Lee Sorensen. "Magliabechiano, Anonimo." Dictionary of Art Historians (website).

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