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Lohse, Bruno

    Full Name: Lohse, Bruno

    Gender: male

    Date Born: 1912

    Date Died: 2007

    Home Country/ies: Germany

    Career(s): art dealers


    Art historian and art dealer. After earning his Ph.D., he began working in Paris in 1941 for the Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg (ERR), the Nazi agency set up to loot art from victims of the Reich. He was Hermann Göring’s personal contact and organized exhibitions of looted art in the Jeu de Paume museum. Lohse mounted ten separate exhibitions (as he termed them) of confiscated art for Göring to examine and choose from. This amounted to 422 works by later 1942. At the conclusion of World War II, he was sentenced and served three years in prison between 1948 and 1951. After his release, Lohse worked as an art consultant in Munich. Upon his death in 2007, a painting was discovered in his safe in Zürich which had been sought for decades by the heirs of a Jewish collector.


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