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Museum director for the Hamburger Kunsthalle; notable advocate and collector of German modernist works. Heise was born in Hamburg, Germany as the only child of upper middle-class merchant Francis Julius Heise and Helene Kaemmerer (Heise). He attended the private secondary school of Dr. August Bieber until age 15, when he then moved to the Staatliche Oberrealschule in Uhlenhorst.

Art dealer and publisher; credited with launching the late art career of Grandma Moses and popularizing the work of Austrian and German artists, including Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, in the United States. Kallir was born in Vienna, Austria to parents Jacob Nirenstein, a lawyer, and Clare Engel. He was born as Otto Nirenstein. He received his Abitur in 1912 from Akademisches Gymnasium. Until 1914, Kallir was an apprentice at a lithographic institute, and also engaged in drawing and painting lessons during this time.

Art critic, lecturer, painter, curator, and professor; known for his expertise and work with Jewish art and aesthetics, especially painting, synagogue architecture and art. Kayser was born as Stephen Salli Kayser in Karlsruhe, Germany to parents Siegbert Kayser and Mina Hilb (Kayser). He began his education at the humanistisches Gymnasium in Karlsruhe. For his higher education, Kayser generally studied art history, philosophy, and musicology at Technische Hochschule Karlsruhe from 1919 to 1922, under professors like Carl Neumann.

Museum director for the Städtischen Museum, Erfurt; staunch advocate for modern art, despite its contreversial nature under the Nazi Party in the 1920s and 1930s. Kunze was born in Staßfurt, Germany, to parents Gustav Kunze, a teacher, and Anna Beyer (Kunze). His formal education began in Haldensleben, where he received his Abitur in 1917 from the local gymnasium. In 1917, Kunze began studying at universities in Munich, Leipzig, and Halle, where he studied law, before ultimately switching to art history.

Private scholar who worked extensively with husband Otto Kurz to produce publications on a variety of art historical topics. Hilde Kurz was born as Hilde Schüller in Vienna to parents Richard Schüller (1870-1972), a lawyer, doctor, and professor, and Emma Rosenthal (Schüller) (1880-1968). Hilda Schüller studied at Mädchenrealgymnasium in Josefstadt, Vienna, where she received her Abitur in 1928.

Architectural historian; worked closely and collaborated on several works with Nikolaus Pevsner. Susanne Lang was born in Vienna. She attended Mädchen-Realgymnasium in Josefstadt, where she received her Abitur in 1926. Upon her graduation, Lang continued her studies at the Kunsthistorisches Institut, specifically in art history and ethnology.

Art historian, professor, and artist; taught at numerous universities including Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles. Paul Laporte was born as Paul Milton Heilbronner in 1904 Munich, Germany to banker Hugo Heilbronner (1869-1924). Heilbronner attended Altes Realgymnasium in Munich, earning his Abitur in 1924. From 1921 to 1925, he studied painting, arts, and crafts at the Kunstgewerbeschule and Akademie in Munich, and the Kunstschule in Halle.