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Practicing architect, teacher of and author on Greek and Italian architecture. Anderson was born in Dundee, Scotland, to James Anderson, a tea dealer, and Margaret Steel (Anderson). In his early years he had limited access to artistic and architectural education. That which he did get was primarily through office routine and private reading. In 1877 he became an apprentice to the architect James Gillespie (1854-1914) of St. Andrews. He subsequently moved to an office in Dundee, and ultimately to Glasgow by 1888, where he worked as a draftsman with Thomas Lennox Watson (1850-1920).

Professor, scholar and historian of Italian Renaissance art. Kennedy was born in Providence, RI. Her father was Laurence L. Doggett (1864-1957), President of Springfield College. She initially pursued economics, studying at the University of California Berkeley, Radcliffe College, and Oxford University between the years of 1919 and 1922 where she also taught. While she was in London at Oxford in 1921, she met and married the sculpture historian Clarence Kennedy.

Victorian art historian, writer, biographer, translator. Zimmern was born into a Jewish family in Hamburg, her father was Hermann Theodor Zimmern, a lace merchant, and her mother Antonia Marie Therese Regina (Zimmern). After the political unrest in Germany in 1848, the family emigrated to Britain in 1850, where she spent the rest of her childhood. She received sporadic and somewhat disjointed education until 1860, completing a finishing school certificate in Bayswater, London, in 1864.