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Director and chief curator of the Montreal Museum of Arts. Nathalie Bondil was born in Barcelona on February 19th, 1967, and raised in Morocco. She obtained her degree in museology and art history with specializations in sculpture and 19th century to modern art from the École du Louvre in 1992, before matriculating to l’Institut national du patrimoine, a French academy that trains curators and conservators, in 1994.

Professor of Art History at the University of Valladolid with interests in Spanish and European engravings. Garcia Vega was born on September 4th, 1947, in Valladolid, Spain. In 1971, she received a bachelor’s in Philosophy and Letters. In 1982 she earned a doctorate in Art History at the University of Valladolid, where she began her tenure as an Art History professor. With research interests in European and Spanish engravings, as well as Oriental art, Garcia Vega won multiple awards during her time at Valladolid.

French critic of both classical art and literature throughout Europe. Gillet was born in Paris, France. His parents were third or fourth generation Parisians: his father, Stanislas Gillet (1845-1905), was an automobile manufacturer. His mother was Louise-Victoire Born (1851-1925).

Smithsonian curator of 19th & 20th century African American Art; Romare Bearden scholar. Carroll Greene was born in 1931 in Washington D.C., and studied at Columbia University and New York University, earning degrees in History and English. Greene’s combining of his passions for African American history and art began in the 1960s while teaching English at NYU and co-curating collections on campus as a hobby.

Schlossmuseum Berlin curator, private London art history scholar. Hermann was born in Berlin in 1899 to Richard Hermann, a timber merchant, and Hannah Kirstein Hermann. He attended the Joachimsthaler Gymnasium, a private boy’s secondary school, but was drafted for World War I before his graduation.

Hoeltje was born to Edmund Hoeltje, a professor and director of a mechanical engineering institute.  His family moved from Hannover to Hagen and later Essen both where he attended schools.

Writer of one of the earliest known examples of art history by a woman author; seventeenth-century femme de lettre. Patin was born in Paris, but spent a majority of her life in Padua, Italy. She came from a family of intellectuals. Her father, Charles Patin, (1633-1693) was a physician and numismatist (whose work helped the art historian Joachim von Sandart. Her grandfather, Guy Patin (1601-1672), also practiced medicine as an eminent French physician. Most distinguished of all, her mother, Magdeleine Homanet, (1640-1682), wrote moral philosophy.

Art historian of eighteenth-century French engraving, painting, and book illustration; author of the first monograph Fragonard and co-author, Les Graveurs français du XVIIIe siècle. Before beginning his career as a scholar, Portalis studied painting with Jean-Hippolyte Flandrin (1809-1864), drawing and painting with Henri Regnault (1843-1871), and etching with Maxime Lalanne (1827-1886). From 1880 to 1902, Portalis regularly contributed articles to the art periodical the Gazette des Beaux-Arts.

University professor responsible for monument restoration during World War II. Robertson was born on October 16th, 1913 to Donald Struan Robertson (1885-1961), a professor of Classics at Cambridge, and Petica Jones (Coursolles) (1883–1941), a Greek vase painting scholar. As the son of a family of Classics professors at the University of Cambridge (his elder brother became the vase scholar Martin Robertson), Robertson discovered his career at the intersection of monument restoration and the fine arts.

Museum director, exponent of modern art. Schmalenbach’s father, Eugen Schmalenbach (1873-1955), was a professor at Cologne in business studies. His mother was Marianne Sachs (1875-1956). The younger Schmalenbach graduated from a Realgymnasium in 1928 and studied art history, archaeology and history at the universities of Berlin under Edmund Hildebrandt, Freibug, Cologne under Albert Brinckmann, and Munich.