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Furumark, Arne

    Image Credit: Upsala Universitet

    Full Name: Furumark, Arne

    Gender: male

    Date Born: 1903

    Date Died: 1982

    Home Country/ies: Sweden

    Subject Area(s): Aegean, ancient, archaeology, bronzes (visual works), and metalwork (visual works)


    Archaeologist, specialist in late Aegean Bronze Age art; professor at Uppsala University 1952-70. Furumark’s major work, The Chronology of Mycenaean Pottery appeared in 1941. It remains the standard work on the subject. After World War II, his innovative research into the prehistory of Italy was published in 1947 as Detäldsa Italien. He excavated Cyprus 1947-48 (at Sinda). In 1950 his “Settlement at Ialysos and Aegean History c. 1550-1400 BC,” was published. He was director of the Swedish Institute in Athens, 1956-57. Furumark returned to Cypriot excavations 1962-63.Furumark employed Ventri’s desciphering of Linear B for his own work; he was one of the first. Chronology of Mycenaean Pottery made use of formal shape typologies to date the pottery. “Furumark” 1 through 333 is used internationally in the description of Mycenean and Minoan pottery.

    Selected Bibliography

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