• Italian renaissance scholar, dealer, and art magazine editor. Borenius was the son of Carl Borenius, a member of the Finnish Diet. Borenius was educated at the Swedish Lyceum and before Helsinki University (Helsingfors), then Berlin and Rome. In Hesinki, he studied under Johan Jakob Tikkanen. After receiving his Ph.D. in Helsingfors in 1909, he moved to London where he published a version of his dissertation, Painters of Vincenza (1909). The same year he married Anne-Marie Rüneberg, granddaughter of the Finnish poet J. L. Rüneberg.

  • Professor of esthetics at the University of Helsinki; first to teach art history courses in Finland. Estlander taught a course in the history of painting at Helsinki in 1862-1863 academic year. For the 1866-1867 another course on art history in general, and in the 1871-1872 one on the Italian Renaissance. Follow that his art courses focused on historic art theory. His art lectures were based on the texts of the seminal German writers on art Wilhelm Lübke, Franz Kugler and Karl Schnaase.
  • Scholar of Italian art, succeeded Johan Jakob Tikkanen (q.v.) as a professor of aesthetics and art history at the University of Helsinki.
  • Scholar of Italian Trecento but more notably one of the early Western scholars and collectors of Oriental art; professor of Fine Arts at Stockholm University, 1908-1925 and Keeper of Painting and Sculpture, National Museum in Stockholm, 1928-1944. Sién studied at the University in Helsinki under Johan Jakob Tikkanen, receiving his Ph.D. in 1900.
  • Scholar of Italian art; Finland's first professor of art history. Tikkanen's father was the nationalist writer, journalist and co-founder of the newspaper Suometar, Paavo (Paul) Tikkanen (1823-1873) and his mother, Helena Maria Tengström (1829-1875), whose father (the boy's grandfather) was the Helsinki University professor of philosophy Johann Jakob Tengström (1787-1858). The death of both parents at an early age resulted in his living with his mother's relative.