Eggers, George W.

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Eggers, George W.
Other Names
George William Eggers
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Director of the Art Institute of Chicago (1916-1921)and Worcester Art Museum. He studied at the Pratt Institute Art School to be an artist. In 1906 he moved to Chicago to teach as part of the faculty of the Chicago Normal College. He was appointed Director of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1916. Eggers was responsible for creating the Extension program for the Institute, inaugurating the international water color exhibitions. He also oversaw the first permanent installation of the Institute's collection. In 1921 he left to become Director of the Denver Art Museum. He subsequently was Director of the Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts and Chairman of the Art Department for the City Colleges of New York. As Chairman of the Art Department to the City University of New York, he was instrumental in steering many students into art history, including the future medievalist of New York University, Harry Bober. In 1930 he wrote the introduction (in German) for the catalog of the American Art Exhibition

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