Eaton, Frederick Alexis, Sir

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Eaton, Frederick Alexis, Sir
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Secretary and chronicler of the [British] Royal Academy; medievalist. Eaton's father was Richard Eaton of Teignmouth, Devon and his mother Charlotte Short (Eaton). He attended King's College School and St. Alban's, Oxford, graduating in 1860. He edited Murray's Handbooks on Egypt in 1870 and later one on South Italy. In 1871 he married Caroline Charlotte Greville (d. 1893). He was appointed secretary of the Royal Academy in 1873, whose duties required him to deal with the artists exhibiting and those who had been rejected from the annual exhibitions. In 1882 he translated the biography of Albrecht Dürer by Moriz Thausing. The preface to that book shows a comprehensive knowledge of the literature on Dürer, including a sympathetic account of the work by Mary Margaret Heaton.

Selected Bibliography
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