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Diez, Ernst

    Image Credit: Paul Sacher Stiftung

    Full Name: Diez, Ernst

    Other Names:

    • Ernst Diez

    Gender: male

    Date Born: 1878

    Date Died: 1961

    Place Born: Lölling, Austria

    Place Died: Vienna, Vienna state, Austria

    Home Country/ies: Austria

    Subject Area(s): Byzantine (culture or style) and Medieval (European)


    Byzantinist, Josef Rudolf Thomas Strzygowski student and professor at Bryn Mawr College, 1939-1943. 1919 Lecturer, University of Vienna; 1926-1939 professor at Bryn Mawr; 1939-1943 returned to Vienna; Associate Professor, 1943-1949 first professor of art history in Ankara. Together with Curt Glaser and Ernst Grosse, Diez established the theoretic foundation for Asian art in the German-speaking world (Metzler).

    Selected Bibliography

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