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Châtelet, Albert

    Image Credit: Wikidata

    Full Name: Châtelet, Albert

    Other Names:

    • Albert Châtelet

    Gender: male

    Date Born: 1928

    Home Country/ies: France

    Subject Area(s): Baroque, French (culture or style), and painting (visual works)

    Career(s): art historians


    Scholar of Baroque art He co-authored with Jacques Thuillier two monographs on French painting, one covering the period of art betwen [Jean] Fouquet to Poussin (1963) and the second from Le Nain to Fragonard (1964).

    Selected Bibliography

    and Thuillier, Jacques. La peinture française de Fouquet à Poussin. Geneva: Skira, 1963; La peinture française de Le Nain à Fragonard. Geneva: Skira, 1964.


    Contributors: Emily Crockett and Lee Sorensen


    Emily Crockett and Lee Sorensen. "Châtelet, Albert." Dictionary of Art Historians (website).

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