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Boschini, Marco

    Full Name: Boschini, Marco

    Gender: male

    Date Born: 1605

    Date Died: 1681

    Place Born: Venice, Veneto, Italy

    Place Died: Venice, Veneto, Italy

    Home Country/ies: Italy

    Subject Area(s): Ancient Italian, Early Western World, Mediterranean (Early Western World), painting (visual works), seventeenth century (dates CE), Venetian (Republic, culture or style), and Viennese

    Career(s): art historians


    Leading Venetian writer on art in the seventeenth century; wrote a patriotic and polemical defense of Venetian painting, La carta del navegar pittoresco, (The Map of Painting’s Journey), 1660). Le ricche miniere della pittura veneziana, 1674, (The Rich Mines of Venetian Painting). Boschini writing, like Ridolfi’s, countered Vasari’s claims that Florence was the birthplace of Renaissance art. However, Boschini’s books were more orderly and well-thought-out than Ridolfi’s. Instead of just biographical account of artists, Boschini focused on how the paintings were created, emphasizing color, the central element to the Venetian school (Bondanelli). Boschini drew from various sources. He appears to have used the first edition of Vasari (1550) and thereby restated a number of errors in attribution (such as giving Titian’s “Storm at Sea” to Giorgione).


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