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Bayet, Charles M. A. L.

    Image Credit: Wikipedia

    Full Name: Bayet, Charles M. A. L.

    Other Names:

    • Charles Marie Adolphe Louis Bayet

    Gender: male

    Date Born: 1849

    Date Died: 1918

    Home Country/ies: France

    Subject Area(s): Byzantine (culture or style)

    Institution(s): Académie de Lille


    His book, L’art byzantin (1883) was one of the early required texts to be listed in the course catalog for the art history classes of Princeton University. Notes about Bayet’s opinions on Giotto appear in Richard Offner‘s annotated catalog of the 1937 Mostra Giottesca.


    Ladis, Andrew. “The Unmaking of a Connoisseur.” in, Offner, Richard. A Discerning Eye: Essays on Early Italian Painting. University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1998, p,19, note 1 (Offner wrote as “Beyet”);

    Contributors: Lee Sorensen


    Lee Sorensen. "Bayet, Charles M. A. L.." Dictionary of Art Historians (website).

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