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Banti, Luisa

    Image Credit: Wikipedia

    Full Name: Banti, Luisa

    Gender: female

    Date Born: 1894

    Date Died: 1978

    Place Born: Florence, Tuscany, Italy

    Place Died: Florence, Tuscany, Italy

    Home Country/ies: Italy

    Subject Area(s): Antique, the, Classical, and Etruscan (culture or style)


    Etruscan specialist. Banti worked at the Vatican Library between 1930 and 1940 and on the excavations at Crete before her appointment to the University of Rome in the history of religions. In 1948 she was appointed chair of archaeology at the University of Pavia, moving two years later to Florence to teach Etruscan studies, 1950-65 [Archivio biografico italiano states 1954-74]. She also lectured at various American universities during this time. In 1965 she became director of the Istituto di Studi Etruschi, which she held until 1972. In 1968 she published a monograph on the Etruscans (published in English in 1973 as Etruscan Cities and Their Culture). Although largely a technical archaeological report, the first chapters provided one of the best overviews of Etruscan art at the time. Her library of some 930 volumes was left to the l’Università di Firenze.

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