The Dictionary of Art Historians is an effort by the Duke University scholarly community.  Paid student researchers were funded through the generosity of the Duke Undergraduate Research Services and the Samuel Kress foundation, administered through the Digital Art History and Visual Culture Laboratory.  Select the name to see the entries contributed by that researcher.


Yasemin Altun - graduate student

Sophia Cetina - undergraduate

Monique Daniels - scholar

Lindsay Dial - undergraduate

Arial Hart - undergraduate

Zahra Hassan​ - undergraduate

Alana Hyman - undergraduate

Helen Jennings - undergraduate

Paul Kamer - undergraduate

Cassandra Klos - graduate student

Shane Morrissy - graduate student

Barbara Pezzini - volunteer scholar

Kerry Rork - undergraduate

Eleanor Ross - undergraduate

Arden Schraff - undergraduate

Denise Shkurovich - undergraduate

Sofia Silvosa - undergraduate

Lanitra Walker - graduate student



Emily Crockett- graduate student

Claire Cunnihan- undergraduate

Clara Pinchbeck - graduate student

Joy Wei - graduate student