Godwin, Blake-More

Full Name: 
Godwin, Blake-More
Date Born: 
Date Died: 
Place Died: 
La Jolla, CA
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Director of the Toledo Museum of Art. After graduating from the University of Missouri he received a Master's Degree from Princeton from the Department of Art and Archaeology. After marrying Molly Ohl, he joined the Toledo Museum of Art in 1916 rising to become its second director in 1926. Godwin made significant purchases for the Museum, including works by el Greco, Goya and . In 1946 he hired returning war veteran and "Monuments Man" Otto Wittmann (q.v.) as his assistant director. Godwin, who was alway more interested in the Museum's running than in acquisitions, recognized Wittmann's connoisseurship training. He turned acquititions at Toledo over to Wittmann. Godwin retired in 1959 and was succeeded by Wittmann.
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