Alpatov, Mikhail Vladimirovich

Full Name: 
Alpatov, Mikhail Vladimirovich
Date Died: 
Place Born: 
Moscow, Russia
Place Died: 
Moscow, Russia
Home Country: 
Historian of Russian art, particularly the traditional Russian art forms of medieval, renaissance and 18th and 19th centuries. Responsible for general histories of art reflecting the ideals of the Soviet period and several histories of Russian art. Professor at the Theatre and Architecture institutes (Moscow University) and the Academy of Art. Associated with Oskar Wulff (q.v.), Viktor Lazarev (q.v.) and N. I Brunov.
Le problème de la renaissance dans l'ancienne peinture russe. Firenze: Sansoni, 1967; Istoriografiia vseobshchei istorii; sbornik statei. Moscow: Nauka, 1966 ; Russian impact on art. New York: Philosophical Library, 1950.
The Dictionary of Art 1: 684-5; [Danilova, I. Y. ed.] Vospominaniia : tvorcheskaia sud'ba, semeinaia khronika, gody ucheniia, goroda i strany, liudi iskusstva . Moscow: "Iskusstvo", 1994.